Bastoni reveals he watched a clip of Rudiger and Haaland

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Inter Milan center Alessandro Bastoni reveals how to play Manchester City very well and watched a video clip of Antonio Rudiger as an example of how to mark Erling Haaland. Giant shooting star, rival “Python” wins the 4th Champions League, prepares for the final match in Istanbul, meets “The Blue Sailboat” who is hot to win the Triple Championship season . Here, Bastoni is a key figure in the defensive line. Played 11 European matches and made 3 assists, helping the team pass Porto, Benfica and AC Milan into the finals. During an interview before the game The 24-year-old Italy defender was asked if he feared a Manchester rival: ” What I fear is thieves or murderers. And we have to go on the field with a clear mind.

“It will be a difficult game. But we are determined and happy to play in the final. Champions League ′

′ We have watched a lot of City games, we know the quality. And they can cause us problems ′′ ′

′ With playing style. Maybe I would fit into Pep’s system, but now I believe in Inzaghi more than ever

. but we have no fear We are properly tense. We had dreamed since childhood that we would be able to play games like this. And I can’t wait to get on the field ยูฟ่าเบท

Pep Guardiola’s team has a dangerous character like Haaland, 52 goals scored from 52 matches, all of which Bastoni reveals behind the scenes how to deal with opponents.

“I have watched many videos of Antonio Rudiger and we will try to use him as an example to stop Haaland.”

“But it’s not Haaland against Inter, it’s City against Inter, so we have to try and stop them all.” Champions League but City still have players who can cause us problems.

” Carlo Ancelotti sits on the bench and “White King” defeated 4-0