Bellerin urges professional players to give back to society.

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Hector Bellerin urges his high-income colleagues to give back to society more than ever. Barcelona right-back Hector Bellerin encourages fellow footballers who earn a lot of money compared to many other professions to give back to society more. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Wednesday. 

Bellerin is famous for being socially conscious. The 27-year-old defender is always advocating for change and social improvement. Recently, he also talked about the privileges that footballers receive from more than many professions. Thus encouraging fellow players to give back to society more than today UFABET

‘We are the ones who should pay the most taxes. We are the ones with the highest income. I come from a family that has to create a miracle of well-being each month.’

‘Everyone wants to earn more be more comfortable. But I think you have to look beyond your situation, social or precarious situation. We are very privileged people.’

‘We work for it and make a lot of sacrifices. But we have to realize what we get, where we come from, and we should be the first to want to help keep society stable. But I understand there are team-mates who might think differently.’

Bellerin also spoke about the relationship between players and fans. He felt that the money involved contributed to the weakening of the relationship between the two parties. 

‘I think footballers are losing their relationship with the fans. There are many things that separate us from people. This has never happened before. There are many players who come from humble families. which has nothing Footballers are dehumanized’