‘Enrique’ warns PSG not to be obsessed with winning

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Luis Enrique, boss of Paris Saint-Germain Denying that his team is obsessed with winning the Champions League, it could be a sign of more danger than good.

“PSG” is the most successful team in France since Qatar took over in 2011 and won nine Ligue 1 titles and a number of domestic cups. However,

PSG manager Luis Enrique has said that his club is not obsessed with the idea of winning the UEFA Champions League as the obsession would only hurt the Ligue 1 giants. ยูฟ่าเบท

Since Qatar Sports Investments took over in 2011, PSG has been the most successful club in France, winning the league nine times. They have also won domestic cup competitions in France, but have yet to win the Champions League.

they have still failed to qualify for the Champions League and have been hard-pressed by Borussia. Dortmund, Newcastle United and AC Milan in this year’s group stage.

Enrique said: “When a club is obsessed with something, It’s never a good sign.”

“You have to be ambitious. But being obsessed never results in success in life.”

“You have to wait and see what the competition will be like. Football is a beautiful sport. Competition results are available on every page.”

“You can have a great game and lose. Played poorly but won.”

“As a club, We compete in every competition to win. That’s the goal. It is ambition which is necessary.”