Kimmich doesn’t mind playing at right-back.

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Joshua Kimmich is ready to play in every position the coach wants after Thomas Tuchel. Bayern Munich’s trainer sent the 29-year-old to play at right-back in the last several football games.

Joshua Kimmick, 29, has revealed that he accepts coach Thomas Tuchel’s orders no matter which position he plays. After the Southern Tigers’ boss adjusted him to play right-back again recently. According to a report from Sky Germany on Sunday UFABET

Kimmich emerged with Bayern Munich as a right-back. before adjusting to playing in the central midfield position. Before the Southern Tigers had problems at that position after injuries to Nusser Mazraoui and Sasha Boy. Resulting in Tuchel adjusting Kimmick to play right back again to which the 29-year-old responded. It responds well to the needs of a 50-year-old trainer.

‘I see myself everywhere the coach puts me on the field. In general, I feel comfortable on the field. Whether playing at right-back or midfield. Maybe it’s just not on target. But even so I still really enjoy playing everywhere. and try to do your best.’ said Kimmick.

Kimmich’s positive attitude should be good news for fans of the Tigers. As Bayern Munich has clearly improved in recent times. From winning 2 games in a row over Lazio (3-0) and Mainz (8-1). While Aleksandar Pavlovic played in central midfield with Leon Goretzka has also been impressive.