Liverpool 1 – Manchester City 1

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Liverpool tied Manchester City 1-1 at home with fierce fun from the first minute to the last. Resulting in Arsenal stepping up to the top of the table this week with a better goal difference.

Just three minutes into the game. City were greeted first when Julian Alvarez dragged him into the left side of the penalty area. And shot with his left foot. But the ball went into the hands of Kevin Kelleher.

In the 8th minute, it was another opportunity for the City. Kevin De Bruyne dribbled in front of the penalty area and struck with his left. But the ball went straight to Kelleher and was able to block it.UFABET

In the 23rd minute, it was Man City who took the lead 1-0 from a corner kick on the right side. De Bruyne played an open shot. And put it in the first post for John Stones, who had no one to connect and put it past Caleher go in.

In the 31st minute, Liverpool should have equalised. Harvey Elliott opened from the left side of the penalty area to the center of the penalty area for Dominic Szoboszlai to come in and head alone. But he hit a bad angle causing the ball to go over the bar.

The Reds had another chance to get back from the ball that Luis Diaz dragged and pumped the ball over. City players had the opportunity to chop with his right hand in front of the penalty area. But the ball flew off the post.

The first half ended and Manchester City came out ahead of Liverpool 1-0.

In the second half, Liverpool equalized 1-1 in the 50th minute when they received a penalty from Ake’s loss of weight. Nuñez reached first and was hit head-on by Ederson before Alexis Mae Allister Will take on the responsibility of killing without missing a beat.

In the 56th minute, Manchester City had to change their goalkeeper because Ederson, who was injured after conceding a penalty, was unable to continue playing and had to replace Stefan Ortega.

Manchester City almost took the lead again in the 58th minute when Liverpool easily lost the ball. De Bruyne sent a pass into the right side of the penalty area for Phil Foden to follow and shoot, but Kelleher made a save. Frightened, he came out and quickly closed the corner.

But in the 62nd minute, Liverpool were too likely to overtake. Mohamed Salah, a substitute, flicked a quick cross from the right side to the middle for Luis Diaz to break free. But he didn’t dress the ball well and shot out of bounds.

Three minutes later.

There was still a chance for the Reds, Mac Allister received a spinning angle from the front of the penalty area, but Stefan Ortega was still able to dive in and parry it away.

Liverpool’s golden opportunity came in the 71st minute when Andy Robertson crossed the ball from the left into the middle of the penalty area for Nuñez to poke his charger’s leg into a save against Ortega, who quickly came out to block.

Towards the end, both teams still had fun exchanging games. In the 89th minute, City fought back. Jeremy Dogu snatched away from Joe Gomez and shot with his left in the left side of the penalty area. The ball hit the far post and bounced back into the envelope for Kelleher.

Even though there are another 8 minutes of injury time. The Reds will get a lot of corner kicks. But I couldn’t do anything.

The game ended with Liverpool tying Manchester City 1-1. Making the race for the championship even closer, with Arsenal overtaking to lead the table this week with a better goal difference than the Reds. While the Blues Bai is only one point behind both teams.