Ronaldo misses debut for Al Nasser applies old ban.

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Cristiano Ronaldo will not be able to make his debut for Al Nasser on Thursday. Due to having to pay for the old ban that was football carried.

Al Nasser, who just officially unveiled Ronaldo on Tuesday. It is reported that he makes up to 175 million pounds a year. And the club have sold out 28,000 tickets for their home game against Al Tai. With fans hoping to see him start a new career in the Middle East.

But Ronaldo, who finish poorly at Manchester United still has a penalty UFABET . And was told he had banned from playing in the game.

He was found guilty of inappropriate behavior. And violently after swiping a mobile phone from an Everton supporter’s hands following United’s defeat at Goodison Park in April.

The ban also applies to his new club and means Al Nasser will be unable to use their new striker for the next two games.

After Thursday’s game in which he will miss Al Nasser. Ronaldo will be unavailable until Saturday January 14 for the derby against Al Shabab.

However, as Ronaldo had already canceled his contract with Manchester United and had not yet been repaid. The ban was carried over to Al-Nasser in line with FIFA rules that make the ban an obligation. Can skip leagues in case players change their agency while there is still a penalty. That means the five-time Ballon d’Or winner will miss two games for Al-Nasser.