Sic Bo rules.

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The outcome of the game is simple. Like in most other popular casino games, players make Sic Bo rules in this case on specific dice outcomes. And based on the numbers seen on the dice. They either win or lose. In a nutshell the gameplay can be divided into three simples steps:

  1. The player makes a decision on what bets to place on the board.
  2. Depending on the casino version you’re playing. Either the real dealer shakes the container where the three dice are in. Or the online casino’s software does the job and shows the outcomes.
  3. Based on the bets the player made. Either the predictions result in a win or a loss.

Now that the path to victory is clear, let’s dive into some details. Apart from the luck derived from the rolling of the Sic Bo rules. UFABET Which you cannot control. Your goal as a player is to make a prediction on either the exact number or set of numbers displayed or the sum of the outcomes. In order to do so, there are a few different betting options available. Total, Single, Double, Triple, and Two Dice Combinations.

Starting with the most basic ones.

A player can make Small and Big bets based on the outcome of the total of the three dice. When one bets on the result of the dice sum being between 4 and 10. Including these two numbers, it is called a Small bet. On the other hand, when the player bets that the sum is between 11 and 17. Also including these two numbers, that is called a Big bet. Notice that the sum of 3 and 18 are not included in these winning outcomes. This is due to the fact that they count as triple bets elsewhere on the board. These are the bets most beginners and more risk-averse players start with. Since it gives the highest probability of winning – 48.61%.

Still in the universe of Total bets, a player can also choose a specific sum between 4 and 17. Including the two numbers and bet on it. Depending on the chosen sum, both the payout ratios and house edge will be different due to the different possible combinations that are available to reach a specific sum.