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Barcelona target Firmino as Depay replacement.

Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino the 31 year old is likely to join Barcelona. After his contract with the Reds expires this summer. Barcelona are reportedly interested in Brazilian striker Roberto Firmino, who is out of contract with Liverpool this summer. As a replacement for Memphis

Sports Administrative Court confirm ban Lewandowski 3 game.

Robert Lewandowski will be suspended for three games. After it was reported that the Court of Arbitration for Sport would uphold the Spanish Football Federation’s decision to punish players. Mundo Deportivo reported on Wednesday that. The Tribunal Administrativo del Deporte (TAD) is ready to uphold

PSG teammates line up to welcome Messi.

Lionel Messi was greeted with the honor of world champions. After the Argentine striker returned to Paris Saint-Germain’s training ground. Argentina forward Lionel Messi returned to Paris Saint-Germain’s training ground on Wednesday. As teammates form a line of honor to welcome the Argentine striker’s return to

Online casino better than playing in a real casino?

There are many players who wonder whether playing online casino games in Thailand is right or wrong. In fact, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. But it depends on which item will have more bets. We therefore want to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of online

James Bond Roulette System.

If you have seen at least a few of the James Bond Roulette, you would know that the MI6 agent is a notorious gambler. For example, we see Agent 007 playing his favorite games poker and baccarat. He always has a strategy and knows how