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conjunctivitis epidemic Easily infected, spreads quickly

conjunctivitis epidemic Easily infected, spreads quickly Conjunctivitis caused by a virus Caused by viral infections, of which there are many types. Some types are easily infected and spread quickly, call “epidemic pink eye.” Most of this disease is mild. and disappears on its own within

Easy way to reduce saltiness

Easy way to reduce saltiness Although sodium is important to the body, But excessive consumption has negative effects on health. High sodium consumption is one of the major risk factors for ทางเข้า ufabet chronic non-communicable diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and

Diphtheria is prevent with a vaccine.

Diphtheria is prevente with a vaccine. Diphtheria can prevente with a vaccine. Tract cause by bacteria. Which can create toxins (exotoxin) and cause inflammation. There is a thick sheet of dead tissue in the pharynx or windpipe Causes constriction Diphtheria is prevent of the airways.

Foods that nourish the nervous system

Foods that nourish the nervous system The nervous system will work better with practice and use. Eating food also helps to improve the functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B1 adds energy to the body: various grains, brown rice, Whole grain rice, sunflower seeds, cauliflower, potatoes Vitamin

Liverpool 1 – Manchester City 1

Liverpool tied Manchester City 1-1 at home with fierce fun from the first minute to the last. Resulting in Arsenal stepping up to the top of the table this week with a better goal difference. Just three minutes into the game. City were greeted first

Kimmich doesn’t mind playing at right-back.

Joshua Kimmich is ready to play in every position the coach wants after Thomas Tuchel. Bayern Munich’s trainer sent the 29-year-old to play at right-back in the last several football games. Joshua Kimmick, 29, has revealed that he accepts coach Thomas Tuchel’s orders no matter

Brussels Sprouts, A Tiny Plant With Great Benefits

Brussels Sprouts, A Tiny Plant With Great Benefits. Brussels sprouts (Brussels Sprouts) cabbage-like vegetables with tiny heads. Only 1–2 inches in size, round in shape and with bright green leaves. Many people may not be familiar with the name of this vegetable. But did you know Brussels

Take care 5 things Before food intolerance develops.

Take care and prevent these 5 things Before food intolerance develops. Interesting facts: Food allergies can classified into two types: Food allergy is the result of an immune system reaction to a specific food. And may cause sudden severe symptoms that can be life-threatening. And you need to careful with